How the Moaning Minnies may change my writing choices

I am considering delaying completion of my next novel to pen instead my frustration over Parliament’s handling of Brexit. In 2016 the British people voted to LEAVE the European Union and disgruntled ‘Remoaner’ MPs have absolutely no right to frustrate that binding decision. I feel strongly that MPs voting in the opposite way to the wishes of their constituents should leave public office in disgrace or be voted out at the next General Election for being anti-democratic.
A topical subject, most certainly, but what has this to do with my books?
Simply put, the shenanigans of MPs from all political parties who are the elected representatives of Leave-voting constituencies but (when it came to the Meaningful Vote) decided instead that they had the inflated intelligence to take absolutely no notice of their voters’ mandate, need to be held to account. And what better way to do it than in a satirical - but ultimately factual - book.

What do you think? Drop an email or letter to Austin Macauley Publishers demanding such an exposé and I will write it. After all, I diligently watched the parliamentary debates on Brexit to get the widest possible understanding of the ‘pros and cons’ of the arguments but was shocked to see how few MPs actually bothered to turn up to the House of Commons to listen for themselves. It was often a very lonely vigil. They just weren’t interested enough to attend. So, why do some MPs think they know better than the public they supposedly represent? Do they care so little for democracy that they didn’t need to acquaint themselves with the ‘facts’ before voting from their entrenched positions?

Britain Expects MPs to do Their Duty!
Come on readers…request that book.