The Boy Caught in the Starlight

The ordinary life of an intelligent 13-year-old boy, Jake, who is fascinated by the thought of becoming a daredevil adventurer, takes an extraordinary turn when he accompanies his dad to meet Professor Septimus Kneebone. Although the meeting is to buy the professor’s modified Bubble Car, Jake’s inquisitive nature soon uncovers the true purpose of the car and other gadgets built by the professor. Nothing is as it seems. The professor’s inventions startle them as they witness many unimaginable historic events through time and space, and become involved in a series of life-changing exploits. Yet, for some reason, the professor wishes to destroy his creations, even though they could be used to foil the ambitions of a treasure-seeking criminal gang linked to the mysterious disappearance of his son. Will Jake, Oscar and Professor Septimus be able to use the Bubble Car to their advantage, aided by Jake’s pushy cousin, who insists on getting herself involved in the action? Or will the professor’s brainchild end up threatening their very existence?