Chasing 10 million

Release of The Boy Caught in the Starlight in September 2018 not only marks the occasion of Michael J H Taylor’s first novel with Austin Macauley, but also his 134th published book in the UK and worldwide.  According to a marketing expert in 2007, his accumulated sales total then stood at over 9 million when including foreign translations.  Unsurprisingly, Michael is hoping The Boy Caught in the Starlight and sequels will push sales beyond the magical 10 million mark.  The chase is on!  What is surprising is that he is not more of a household name.

The first big book launch and signing session will be at the Christmas Shopping Fayre at Westpoint (Devon County Showground) in Exeter, which runs between 23-25 November 2018.  Michael comments: “Perhaps Westpoint may be viewed as an unusual launch venue, as I will be a cog in a big wheel.  But I have launched other books at Westpoint and have a strong following.  I could have chosen a more traditional venue - with drinks, nibbles, publicity, invited guests and much back-slapping - but I prefer to meet the greatest buying public, sign copies and chat.  21,000 people are expected.  Come along if you can.  I would very much enjoy meeting you”.

Soon after, Michael is off to a school in Kent to support a pupil’s writing competition.  He says, “I was delighted to accept an invitation intended to encourage a new generation of youngsters into considering writing as a career path”.