Jake Striker gets the thumbs up!

After recent publication of The Boy Caught in the Starlight, two Christmas book signing events followed in quick succession. At the Westpoint Centre in Exeter, thousands of people had their first opportunity to get ‘close up and personal’ with the novel. Sensational! Huge numbers were signed, including many to dedicated ‘fans’ who attend yearly to purchase my latest literary offering. Thrilling!
The second signing was an authors’ literary event at a high school in Kent. Another great day!

So, what’s next?
More retailers need to stock my book if it is ever to rival more established teen novels. If you intend to buy, on-line is great but don’t forget The High Street.
Moving on, I have started book 2 of the Jake Striker series. At present the storyline centres on the hidden secrets of the lost city of Atlantis. But I am also chewing over the First World War and a miracle known as the Angels of Mons. This was when British and German soldiers stopped fighting after seeing a choir of hovering Angels during the bloody battle. Soldiers were arrested for desertion until the International Red Cross realised Angels were seen by both armies. A miracle indeed. Of course, there will be lots more going on, including frantic investigations and terrifying adventures in both past and present times thanks to the remarkable science of dark energy…aided, of course, by the Starlight Machine.
My next ‘News’ and ‘Blog’ will also feature my choice for a recommended ‘Book of the Month’.